About Us

DOMBRe Inc is a privately held Canadian corporation registered in the province of Ontario. 

DOMBRe is placed to provide clients with advice about moving, building or renovating office facilities, and all the digital infrastructure needed to succeed : cabling, servers and data centres, telephony and voice mail, "connections" to the Internet, WAN, PSTN, wireless, firewalls and security.  Whether you are moving your location, building-out some new space or renovating, DOMBRe can efficiently coordinate the changes to your digital "side".

In bringing strong management and predictability to each undertaking,
DOMBRe fulfills the role of Digital Services Project Manager.

DOMBRe provides guidance to organizations wishing to "renovate" their operations to "go digital", "go wireless", "go paperless" and improve overall operational efficiency through the judicious use of computers and related technology. 

DOMBRe builds networks of computers : around the office, around the city, around the nation....

Our Staff

Our staff are based in Toronto, Ontario and have accumulated on-site experience in a wide variety of locations from Halifax, NS, across to Vancouver, BC, and up to Whitehorse, YK and many points in between.   Our staff also have "overseas" experience.