Our name says it all!

DOMBRe is placed to provide clients with services and advice about moving, building or renovating office facilities, and all the digital infrastructure needed to succeed. 
This suite of skills is encompassed by an umbrella of "digital facilities project management".



DOMBRe focuses on all the digital aspects of your organization : the "bits" and "bytes" of your organizational life.
  • This focus includes your computers and servers, and the networks upon which they run. 
  • If they don't share a network, then maybe they should!
  • It includes your telephone, "auto-attendants" and voice-mail systems. 
  • It includes all the connections needed to hook your locations to the outside world : Internet, telephone trunk lines, facsimile lines, "cable". wireless, WAN.

Office While we can focus on one singular office location, we can also work with all of your locations, regardless of location, plus the "remote" users working from home offices or other distant locations.

Our Pre-Flight Inspection provides a quick overview of the digital infrastructure within an office suite, so you can negotiate the lease in confidence.


When you move locations DOMBRe is the one call you need to set up a coordinated program to take care of all of your digital needs.
  • Your connections to .......
  • The network :
    • do you have enough cables;
    • are they in the right places;
    • can we re-use or re-purpose the old cable network?
  • What about wireless?
  • Who will move the servers, telephone system hardware, printers / plotters / copiers / facsimile machinery?  
  • Where will they be located?
We can help you move by managing the cut-over process!

DOMBRe will work with your designers and architects to ensure that all your digital infrastructure is tuned to your needs.

We can arrange for and supervise digital trades where needed.

Then we help you move by managing the cut-over process.


Renovations can be cost effective especially where there is an element of re-use or re-purpose. Apart from re-using the offices, most locations have some cabling that can be re-purposed in some way. DOMBRe can map these networks and then design a network plan to best suit your new use of the space. 

Quite apart from networking, there is usually an element of electricity needed to support servers, copiers, and  printers.  Server rooms often need superior ventilation or cooling.

Workstations / cubicles have unique challenges that need a coordinated approach to ensure that the power, data and voice requirements are met simultaneously.  The scheduling of the installations by the various trades is usually the largest headache.

Table Top Connectivity places all your connections conveniently into your meeting room tables so that all your equipment gets power and "connected" without dangling cables and power adapters over the table edge and across the floor.

And then we help you move by managing the cut-over process!

Renovation also covers off "broken" systems of all colour and stripe : printers that can't, networks that don't, application that won't:  generally summarized as "things not working properly".  If you have computers, equipment or systems that need "jus' plain fixin'" then give us a call.  If it's broke, then fix it!!

Let DOMBRe renovate your telephone system with a modern digital PBX from Fibernetics. Invariably less expensive than older analog equipment and you never pay anymore for (Bell) lines!

Most of our projects start with a "Pre-Flight Inspection".  This structured process is tuned into your objectives.

"Pre-Flight Inspection"

Our "Pre-Flight Inspection" is based on a structured interview with you, our client, and separately with the managers of the suite.  It includes a walk-around inspection of the space with you, to talk through your priorities and opportunities.  It includes a longer and more detailed inspection by our staff with ladders, screwdrivers and cameras.  The results of the inspection are reported by e-mail, usually on a "next-business-day" basis. Expensive concerns or "substantial negotiable items" are reported at the end of the inspection  for consideration amongst your lease negotiations.

  • What are you getting into and "how deep"?
  • How much (cable) can be re-used / re-purposed?
  • What needs to be replaced?
    • data, telephone cabling / networking infrastructure
    • telephone systems,
    • telephone trunks and internet connections
    • server rooms, ventilation, electricity
    • workstations / cubicles, boardrooms
    • wireless, security

The PFI creates a comprehensive site binder as a resource that we can use to migrate your objectives forward in a very cost-effective manner, should you elect to move that that location.

Download our Pre-Flight Inspection Brochure

Digital Move / Renovation Management

Our strength is "managing digital moves and renovations". We use our skills, training and experience to ensure that your project goes very well in a cost-effective and predictable manner.  With our structured approach and documented procedures we target the key facets of your move to meet your objectives in a timely and cost effective manner. 

While the "nuts and bolts" of each move might seem fairly straight-forward, our structured approach is designed to "close all the gaps" so that nothing "falls through".   We achieve this result by using standardized procedures, check-lists, and a healthy dose of rigourous project management.

Your PM's or our PM's : we really don't mind, so long as someone does it properly!

Upgrades and “Substantial Changes”

Upgrades and “substantial changes” can be made to your digital systems at any time. Some of these are best planned to coincide with a “move” and others are better left to “another day”.

Planning, scheduling, communications and competent staffing are all crucial to successful upgrades and “substantial changes” “on - the - move”.

Project Management

We apply a strong degree of project management to all our projects to keep them predictable. However, our certified Project managers are also quite willing to work with your PM's to ensure that your next "project" is completed in a timely and predictable manner.  So long as someone does it properly!

Each project includes a documented "lessons learned" phase so you will have already benefited from the cumulative lessons learned from all our previous projects.  The "lessons learned" are used to continuously improve our standards and procedures.


"Cut-over" is a business continuity issue.

can coordinate the several components of your cut-over to minimize down-time, to minimize the disruption to your operations. This coordination is characterised as digital facilities project management.

It is our goal, that at "start-of-business" on the first day at your new location ...
  • your servers are installed and are available for staff to login, work with files, print...;
  • the network is sufficiently built out so the staff can connect their computers and get-on with "production", whatever your business produces;
  • your email system is accessible and up-to-date;
  • your telephone system is working and calls are flowing both ways;
  • if you use one, your telephone system "auto-attendant" is running and correctly configured for your new location;
  • your voice mail system is working;
  • your printers / plotters / copiers can be used by the staff; and
  • your facsimile machines are functional.