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Digital PBX

What is a “Digital PBX” and Why Do I Need One?

Historically, almost the entire (Canadian) world used Nortel telephones or telephone systems. Some of the smaller ones were “Compact” or “Modular” Integrated Communication Systems (CICS, MICS). Larger company's had their own Private Branch Exchange (PBX) using Meridian or Succession models.

However, with the demise of Nortel, and with the flood of Internet related network technology, it now possible to embrace newer and smaller digital telephone systems that provide modestly sized organizations with, say, only 3 – 4 lines, an opportunity to have many of the "bells and whistles" of a PBX, but at a fraction of the former cost. Larger companies with 5 - 15 lines can quickly realize substantial savings be reducing their line cost to almost zero. Companies like the Fibernetics Corporation, from Cambridge, ONT, are driving the market place with robust digital PBX solutions that sit on top of your computer network, providing the toll quality service of a fully featured PBX telephone system, at a fraction of the historical cost.

DOMBRe embraces the Fibernetics Digital PBX solution and we can help you do the same.

We really like ….

  • quality, reliability, survivability

  • Fibernetics is a CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) with carrier grade facilities : a real phone company!

  • no monthly phone line costs

  • Voice mail to e-mail”

  • expandability, scaleabilty

  • Polycom handsets and SNOM wireless

  • digital / network orientation

  • lower costs from integrated communications

  • branch and remote offices will expand your “local calling” area

  • unlimited local extensions, unlimited voice conferencing, unlimited auto-attendants

  • find me - follow me, or not, as you wish

  • hardware and system support as close as “611” from your own on-line phone

  • enhanced business continuity with automated off-line forwarding, and a voice mail system that never dies or fills up

.... amongst a list of substantial features that is 50 items strong!

Now is the time to call James McLean DOMBRe at 647-367-0060 on our own Fibernetics Digital PBX to discuss how we can save you money and help your whole organization run more efficiently. If I'm not “in”, your voice mail message will get emailed to wherever I am.

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