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Digital PBX Features

Here is a list of 50 solid reasons why you should be asking Dombre to design a Fibernetics Digital PBX for your organization.  Start saving and have your staff run more efficiently with these "included features"! 

We really like the
BOLD Green features and use them all the time.



 0  No More Monthly Line Charges for "Voice"
Not Now, Not Ever!! It's all network based.
 1  Unlimited Local Extensions
 Normally associated with a handset
 2  Unlimited Virtual Extensions
 Useful for call routing , and especially for people with virtual offices
 3 Unlimited Auto-Attendants
As many as you need, for "hotelling" and virtual offices that appear to "never close"
 4  Voice-mail  Works even when your office is dark.  Good remote access
 5 Voice-mail to E-mail
 VM messages follow you to your smart phone, or not, as you choose
 6  Find-Me, Follow-Me!
 Calls search for you, wherever you are, or not, as you choose
 7 Advance Call Forwarding and Routing
Many call forwarding options, including "groups" and external destinations
 8 Automatic Off-line Forwarding
For every extension, to any destination like a cell phone
 9  Call Groups
Several extensions that ring simultaneously, like in a Sales Department, or  "Tech Support" group
10 Call Queues
Calls are picked up by the next available extension,  e.g., in a "Tech Support" environment
11 Call Parking
Park a call, and pick it up from a different handset
12 Paging within the handset
Works through handset speaker system
13 Intercom
Can "intercom" to a specific extension for hands-free communication
14 Overhead Paging
.... if you have the hardware, Fibernetics has the connections ....
15  Call Transfers
To any extension, regardless of hotel walls, either "blind" or "attended"
16  Caller ID
If it is passed to Fibernetics, they will pass it to you
Line Prefix Display
calls from different lines can be identified to help appropriate responders in a hotelling environment
18  Call Waiting
Second call on the same extension is announced with an audible beep
Caller ID on Call Waiting
If your hardware can handle it, so can Fibernetics
20  Do Not Disturb
When you need some quiet time
 Distributed (Remote) Call Queue Agents
Allows remote / branch office staff to work the queue of calls
22  Automatic Call Distribution
Can automatically distribute call around a group of extensions
Time - Of - Day - Scheduling
Users can schedule auto-attendants and personal sets of dialing rules based on time-of-day.  Very useful for busy people.
24 Direct Inbound Dialing
Users can have a personal line that by-passes the AA
Direct Inward System Access
Remote users can use your Fibernetics PBX to make long distance calls more cheaply than they can on a cell phone.  Great for sales staff and tele-marketers.
 26  Dial By Name Directory
Extensions are all setup with First and Last Name to provide "dialing by name"
 Message Waiting Indicator
Flashing light
28 Message Waiting Indicator
(audible stutter on dial tone)
"Stutter dial tone" for those people who can't see a flashing light
 3 - Way Calling
You can join three callers together
30  Conference Bridges
Unlimited Conference bridges allow voice conferencing as often as you wish, for zero marginal cost: Set 'em up and use them!
Remote Call Pickup
Manage yours office calls from your cell phone
32 Remote and Branch Office Support
A wide -spread but unified system to span your corporation, and extend "local dialing" as far as your most distant branch or remote location.
33 Choice of ISP :
  Fibernetics Strongly Recommended : provides QoS that others do not.
Roaming Extensions
A soft-phone client can be used to manage your calls
35 Distinctive Ring Tones
Each inbound number can have a different "ring"
Customized Ring Tones
Customize your own ring tones!
37 e911
Mandatory "911" information for emergency communications
Love it or hate it, turn it on or off!
39 Polycom Handsets
Fibernetics PBX supports a range of Polycom handsets, including Gbps models and "PoE"
Computer Can Share Network Cable With Polycom Handset
Plug a computer into a Polycom handset and share the network resources
41 SNOM Wireless Handsets Up to 8 SNOM M3 handsets per base unit, with individual extensions
"Voice" and "Data" Converged Onto One Network 
Saves on cabling costs. VLANs and QoS separate voice traffic from data traffic
43 DHCP for "Data" Network Computers use DHCP for network IP identification
 Single Internet Dry Loop for Remote, SOHO
Remote offices and SOHO's with up to 4 lines can share a single Internet connection, SMB's and larger PBX's require a dedicated voice network connection
45 Connections Matched To Clients Needs
Bigger offices with more lines can use a dedicated voice connection to support about 20 lines simultaneously.
Standards Based Installations
IEEE standards like 802.1p (QoS), 802.1Q (VLANs), 802.3af (PoE) drive reliable systems.
47 Integrated Support in Real-time on Dedicated Network
Fibernetics Support staff can see all the way to the handset, should you need them to look.
 48  Call Display Number is configured "per extension"
Each extension can have its own Call Display Number, chosen from the corporate pool.
Scaleable PBX Installations

 Remote = 1 line,
SOHO = 2 - 4 lines,
SMB = 5 - 9 lines,
expandable to 48 , "and up"...
 50 High performance network connections can be split to carry both voice and data, separately
 VLAN's are used to split big "pipes" into bandwidth capacity dedicated or reserved to voice traffic over data, to increase their cost effectiveness.

We like our Fibernetics PBX and will be delighted to show you how you will too, and save the cost of your "lines" at the same time, every month....

DOMBRe at 647-367-0060 to save money with your new digital PBX.

Some Terminology..


Quality of Service
 A traffic shaping procedure to manage the flow of digital data across a network so that high priority (voice) traffic is queued ahead of lower priority (email, www, ftp, "regular network") traffic.

 Governed by IEEE standard 802.1p

Virtual LAN
(Local Area Network)
A procedure to "tag" data packets so that different streams of data (from telephones vs computers) can be segregated to "not interfere" with each other. Often used to provide security and to isolate contentious computer equipment or network traffic.

Governed by IEEE standard 802.1Q


Power over Ethernet
A system to pass electrical power safely, along with data, on Ethernet cabling. Often used to power telephones via the network cable rather than a regular wall socket.

Governed by IEEE standard 802.3af